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UNESCO BAR in Carlsbad

Three special modules made their premieres 2019; they form the UNESCO BAR near the world-famous Carlsbad Thermal Spring.

Classification:Catering projects / Cafés
Year of implementation:2019
Architect / Studio:MgA. Adéla Bačová
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 Day
Length of manufacture: 2 Weeks
Number of modules: 3
Area: 54
Sales model:Lease

Three spe­cial modu­les made the­ir pre­mie­res 2019; they form the UNE­SCO BAR near the world-famous Carl­sbad Ther­mal Spring. The installati­on was com­ple­ted during the Inter­nati­o­nal Film Fes­ti­val. Spa visi­tors were so ena­mou­red with the UNE­SCO BAR that its ope­rati­on has been exten­ded until the end of the holi­da­ys. The Carl­sbad Regi­on pro­per par­to­ok in the employ­ment of the bar. Besi­des films and spa tre­at­ments, Carl­sbad also offers a demon­strati­on of effecti­ve imple­men­tati­ons of modu­lar architecture.

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