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Restaurant McDonald’s- Mladá Boleslav

Modular restaurant building with vertical wooden facing

Classification:Catering projects / Restaurants
Year of implementation:2002
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 week
Length of manufacture: 1 week
Number of modules: 8
Area: 130
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

Fre­e­dom and vari­e­ty in the cho­ice of a faça­de, among other bene­fits, are evi­dent in the Mla­dá Boleslav McDonald’s restau­rant in the Czech Repub­lic. The use of ver­ti­cal woo­den facing with hori­zon­tal faça­de cas­settes pro­vi­de a level of appeal to this fast food estab­lishment which is high­li­gh­ted by its excellent inte­ri­or design.

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