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New Administrative Building for KOMA RENT

Our sister company, KOMA RENT, which specializes in rentals, has a new design headquarters. It is a prototype of the new Fashion Line product series, OFFICE type.

Classification:Administrative Buildings
Year of implementation:2021
Architect / Studio:Adéla Bačová
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Number of modules: 20
Area: 351 m2
Sales model:Sale

The new KOMA RENT headquar­ters con­sists of 20 modu­les with a total area of 351 m². Like the deve­lo­p­ment of the basic Fashi­on Line series design modu­le, the final form of the buil­ding was cre­a­ted in colla­bo­rati­on with designer, Ms. Adéla Bačo­vá. On the two flo­ors of the buil­ding with barrier-free access, you can find offi­ces, inclu­ding a con­fe­ren­ce and a mee­ting room, as well as a chill-out area for rela­xati­on. The­re is also a smaller terra­ce loca­ted on the upper flo­or for rela­xati­on, which can be rea­ched using an inter­nal stai­r­ca­se with the wid­th of one modu­le. The inte­ri­ors of the buil­ding are domi­na­ted by are­as of industrial con­cre­te and metal decor com­ple­men­ted by solid wood tiling, which, in con­trast, adds warm­th and cosi­ness to the spa­ces. Gla­zed inte­ri­or par­ti­ti­ons sup­port the airi­ness of the inte­ri­or. Lar­ge win­dows with a lowered para­pet also add to the good lighting con­di­ti­ons of the inte­ri­or spa­ces. The exter­nal appea­ran­ce follows the RELAX Fashi­on Line with its typi­cal roun­ded design. The faça­de con­sists of corru­ga­ted per­fo­ra­ted she­et metal. Hints of industrial archi­tectu­re can be found both insi­de and out­si­de the structure. 

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