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KOMA MODULAR at Designblok 2016

KOMA MODULAR exhibited design modules at the selective event DESIGNBLOK & FASHION WEEK at the Holešovice Show Grounds in Prague. In three City modules, the company presented the realisation of modular buildings, including the best-known modular structure of the pavilion for EXPO 2015 in Milan In the third City module, the company demonstrated the endless possibilities for the use of the City modules for various purposes, including the successful Lighthouse. The huge interest on the part of the professional and general public confirmed that we are moving in the right direction and that modular architecture has a future.
Classification:Special modules / City modules
Year of implementation:2016
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 days
Length of manufacture: 2 days
Number of modules: 3
Area: 45
Product series: CityModul
Sales model:Lease
KOMA MODU­LAR exhi­bi­ted design modu­les at the selecti­ve event DESIGNBLOK & FASHI­ON WEEK at the Hole­šo­vi­ce Show Grounds in Pra­gue. In three City modu­les, the com­pa­ny pre­sen­ted the rea­li­sati­on of modu­lar buil­dings, inclu­ding the best-known modu­lar structu­re of the pavi­li­on for EXPO 2015 in Milan In the thi­rd City modu­le, the com­pa­ny demon­stra­ted the endless possi­bi­li­ties for the use of the City modu­les for vari­ous pur­po­ses, inclu­ding the suc­cess­ful Ligh­thou­se. The huge inte­rest on the part of the pro­fes­si­o­nal and gene­ral pub­lic con­fir­med that we are moving in the right directi­on and that modu­lar archi­tectu­re has a future.
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