Year Title Building category
2004 Remand prison - Ministry of the Interior Other
2004 Extension of shop for company Raab Karcher Business Realisations / Shops
2004 Construction site equipment for the construction of the D5 motorway for the Construction of Bridges Prague Site equipment
2004 Storage spaces for company Aeberhard Business Realisations / Warehouses
2004 Extension of offices for car company BMW Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Leasing fleet containers for Porr. Other / Units for leasing
2004 Shop and production of bread. Business Realisations / Bakeries
2004 Shop and production of bread. Business Realisations / Bakeries
2004 Changing rooms and sanitary facilities for the Regional Hospital in Leoben. Sanitary modules
2004 Delivery of office containers in unfolded state in sea containers. Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Shop and production of bread. Business Realisations / Bakeries
2004 Sanitary containers for VIP zones at various stadiums of the European Football Championship 2004 Sanitary modules
2004 Öffentliche Toilette für Eltville am Rhein Sanitary modules
2004 Technology units for mobile operator Orange Special modules / Technological units
2004 Units for rebuilding of Iraq, US Army Residential projects / Camps
2004 Rekreation bungalows Residential projects / Accommodation facilities
2004 Sanitary units for BVG Sanitary modules
2004 Offices Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Sanitary modules Sanitary modules
2004 Site equipment Site equipment
2004 Offices, modules 10x3m - Schäffer Sudex Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Technological units Special modules / Technological units
2004 Temporary office building Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Public toilets - exhibition ground of Prague, Incheba Sanitary modules
2004 Restaurant McDonald's Catering projects / Restaurants
2004 Site equipment with dining room, offices and changing rooms for extension of Václav Havel Airport in Prague. Site equipment
2004 Building site for archaeological research Site equipment
2004 Shops for DAVE Group Business Realisations / Shops
2004 Car service with shop, SipCar Business Realisations / Small manufacturing plants