Year Title Building category
2018 Offices for Pflastra Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Shop for company Coleman S.I. Business Realisations / Shops
2018 5* Resort Suites on Krk Island Residential projects / Camps
2018 Offices for company Bravi Antwerpen Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Sanitary units for leasing for company TOI TOI & ADCO DIXI Sanitary modules
2018 Ooffice building and sanitary units for company Ineos Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Office for used-car dealer Auto ESA Business Realisations / Showrooms
2018 Units for leasing for company AMTRA Other / Units for leasing
2018 School Stolberg-Mausbach School Realisations / Elementary schools
2018 Café Lanna Catering projects / Cafés
2018 Offices for SNOWTECH Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Grocery in Častolovice Business Realisations / Shops
2018 School_Mechelen School Realisations / Elementary schools
2018 Office space for Total Antwerpen_Antwerpy Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Library_Bystřice pod Hostýnem Other
2018 Family house_Liptál Residential projects / Family houses
2018 School Oskar Romeo School Realisations / Elementary schools
2018 Office for Snowtech_Slatiňany Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Ski Service in Bedřichov Sport facilities / Sport club backgrounds
2018 Offices for Landkreisamt_Friedberg Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Gatehouse for Procter&Gamble_Rakovník Other / Gatehouses
2018 Sanitary units for SCHÄFER-SUDEX_Ledeč nad Sázavou Business Realisations / Changing rooms for workers
2018 Family house_Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Residential projects / Family houses
2018 Office building in quarry Českomoravský Cement_Branžovy Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Office building Yara Sluiskil Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Units for leasing; Karrié Site equipment
2018 Expansion of the School in Prague, Petrovice School Realisations / Elementary schools
2018 Auxiliary Rooms for Sporting Goods in Moninec Sporting Park Sport facilities
2018 Erwitte Multi-classroom Kindergarten School Realisations / Kindergartens
2018 The Staircase of Time – 100 Years of the Czech Republic and 95 Years of Czech Radio Cultural venues
2018 City Modules in 2018 Cultural venues
2018 Private Dentist Surgery in GESEKE Healthcare projects / Surgeries
2018 Offices for the Central Trade Park in Úžice Administrative Buildings / Offices
2018 Successful EXPO 2015 Pavilion back in Vizovice Administrative Buildings
2018 Modular Council House upon the Seine in Centre of Paris Residential projects / Accommodation facilities
2018 Unique Sanitary Modules Resistant Against Extreme Climatic Conditions_Råde Sanitary modules