Year Title Building category
2013 Units for leasing, AMTRA Other / Units for leasing
2013 Temporary hospital + impatient ward, Vox Invest Healthcare projects / Hospitals
2013 Offices for Farm Frites Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Units for leasing, for Karrié Other / Units for leasing
2013 Sanitary units for leasing SANI / Building fair Bauma 2013 Other / Units for leasing
2013 Rent - offices for Trade Fidest, ČEZ power plant Site equipment
2013 Offices rantal for company MEDICEM Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Sanitary units for leasing, for company Toi Toi & DIXI /D,CH,PL/ Sanitary modules
2013 Socil lflats for Bochum Residential projects / Social housing
2013 Units for leasing, for company Knörr Other / Units for leasing
2013 Kindergarten, Commune Thalwil School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 Spare parts shop and e-shop for company Zliner Business Realisations / Shops
2013 Units for leasing, for company Siloco Other / Units for leasing
2013 Kindergarten Glücksbärchen School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 Modular facilitiy in manufacturing hall for company MART Business Realisations / Changing rooms for workers
2013 Offices according to Norwegian standards TEK 2010 Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Upper and lower cableway stations, ticket offices and sanitary units; SKI Plesnivec Sport facilities
2013 Sanitary units for Pletschacher (Oktoberfest 2013) Administrative Buildings
2013 Offices for company Sita Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Hotel and lodging house Residential projects / Accommodation facilities
2013 Gatehouse, Plzeňská teplárenská Other / Gatehouses
2013 Mobile insurance office Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Shop of Dřevo Trust Business Realisations / Shops
2013 Sanitary units for the British armee Sanitary modules
2013 Changing rooms for Sportclub Sport facilities / Changing rooms for athletes
2013 Social housing Residential projects / Social housing
2013 Glücksbärchen Kindergarten in Dresden, DE School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 Cultural centre in Rybník, CZ Cultural venues / Community centre
2013 Kindergarten in Kamenný Újezd School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 School De Bron School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 Kindergarten KUBILAND School Realisations / Kindergartens
2013 Gatehouse Barum Continental in Otrokovice Other / Gatehouses
2013 Elementary school in Uhříněvěs, Prague School Realisations / Elementary schools
2013 Green Office Building in Wesseling Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Food Store KONZUM Business Realisations / Shops
2013 Extension of Holiday Inn Hotel on the Roof, Žilina, SK Cultural venues / Meeting rooms
2013 Store Elkov Business Realisations / Shops
2013 Testing room, JIPOCAR Business Realisations / Small manufacturing plants
2013 Facilities for water skiing Sport facilities / Sport club backgrounds
2013 City modules, Brno, CZ Special modules / City modules
2013 Office building for TRANS-REGION-STAV Administrative Buildings / Offices
2013 Modular dining hall for KOMA employees Catering projects / Restaurants
2013 Kindergarten for LAPP KABEL company School Realisations / Kindergartens