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Kindergarten for LAPP KABEL company

Low-energy two-classroooms modular kindergarten for 42 children.

Classification:School Realisations / Kindergartens
Year of implementation:2013
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 weeks
Length of manufacture: 2 weeks
Number of modules: 13
Area: 402
Product series: ComfortLine
Sales model:Sale
On Fri­day 6 Sep­tem­ber 2013 at three in the after­no­on the low-ener­gy modu­lar nur­se­ry for chil­dren of employe­es of Lapp Kabel in Otro­ko­vi­ce was cere­mo­ni­ally ope­ned. The nur­se­ry was built of lar­ge-sca­le modu­les of the Com­fort Line series in less than three mon­ths. The com­pa­ny Lapp Kabel does busi­ness not only in the Czech Repub­lic but also in Fran­ce and Ger­ma­ny to sup­port young employed mothers. The nur­se­ry was cere­mo­ni­ally ope­ned by the co-owner of the com­pa­ny Mr. Lapp, toge­ther with the may­or of Otro­ko­vi­ce Mr. Jaro­slav Budek and the direc­tor of ope­rati­ons and finan­ce of Lapp Kabel Mr. René Sed­lák. The nur­se­ry was named OSKÁ­REK after Mr. Oskar Lapp, the foun­der of the com­pa­nies in 1957. In the coun­tries whe­re the com­pa­ny has been acti­ve fema­le employe­es of its affi­li­a­tes can make use of seve­ral dozens of these faci­li­ties. The Otro­ko­vi­ce nur­se­ry inclu­des two clas­ses for pre-scho­ol chil­dren for 16 chil­dren each, and one class for small chil­dren below 3 for 10 chil­dren. The total capa­ci­ty of the nur­se­ry the­re­fo­re is 42 chil­dren. The nur­se­ry was built accor­ding to the archi­tectu­ral design of Arch. Petr Sti­bor, with inte­ri­or design by Mgr. Vla­di­mí­ra Bukvi­co­vá, sup­plied by Ben­ja­mín com­pa­ny. In addi­ti­on to the clas­sro­oms the nur­se­ry is also equip­ped with a kit­chen, tech­no­lo­gy rooms, solar collec­tors, flo­or hea­ting, air con­di­ti­o­ning, exte­ri­or shut­ters and marqui­ses. Our com­pa­ny was the first to pro­mo­te con­structi­on of modu­lar nur­se­ries in the Czech Repub­lic and in Slo­va­kia. We built the first modu­lar nur­se­ry in the coun­t­ry in Rych­nov u Jab­lon­ce, the first two-sto­rey modu­lar scho­ol in CR for 199 chil­dren in Jih­la­va and now we have built the first low-ener­gy modu­lar scho­ol. We belie­ve that the num­ber of inves­tors opting for this type of nur­se­ry will be increasing.
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