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Kindergarten in Kamenný Újezd

Modular extension of kinfergarten.

Classification:School Realisations / Kindergartens
Year of implementation:2013
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 week
Length of manufacture: 1 week
Number of modules: 8
Area: 182
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Lease
We have deli­ve­red ano­ther one-room scho­ol with faci­li­ties to Kamen­ný Újezd in colla­bo­rati­on with the Pra­dast buil­ding com­pa­ny, which per­for­med all of the finishing work. The sin­gle-sto­rey extensi­on smo­o­th­ly ties into the exis­ting building.
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