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Modules for Park Auxiliary Rooms at the Berlin Airport

Park Auxiliary Rooms at the Berlin Airport. Modules with Horizontal Lamellas

Classification:Administrative Buildings / Offices
Year of implementation:2019
Country of implementation:Germany
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 Week
Length of manufacture: 2 Weeks
Number of modules: 7
Area: 126
Sales model:Sale
Note:Vodorovné plechové lakované lamely

Modu­lar buil­dings suc­cess­fully pro­ve them­sel­ves as auxi­li­a­ry rooms for vari­ous ent­re­pre­ne­u­rial acti­vi­ties. Some­ti­mes a uni­form appea­ran­ce of lod­ging con­ta­i­ners with stan­dard facings from ran­dom corru­ga­ted ste­el she­ets is det­ri­men­tal. Thanks to the abun­dan­ce of machi­ne­ry at our dis­po­sal, we are able to offer many vari­ati­ons of modu­le facing or who­le faca­des. For this buil­ding, our long-term cus­to­mer cho­se hori­zon­tal ste­el she­et lamellas pain­ted accor­ding to the customer’s demands. The who­le com­plex con­sists of seven modu­les, i.e. the offi­ces, sani­ta­ry rooms, kit­chen and eve­ry­thing that is nee­ded for such busi­ness activities.

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