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School Extension in Wesseling

A two-storey school extension with four classrooms from 14 StandardLine modules.

Classification:School Realisations / Elementary schools
Year of implementation:2021
Country of implementation:Germany
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 Weeks
Length of manufacture: 1 Month
Number of modules: 14
Area: 260 m2
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

We have deli­ve­red our second modu­lar buil­ding to Wes­se­ling, Ger­ma­ny. Following a four-sto­rey offi­ce buil­ding for Amt­ra, we have now built a modu­lar extensi­on of the Albert-Schwei­t­zer/Schiller Scho­ol. The inves­tor does not expect to move the scho­ol aga­in, so they cho­se a faça­de in a com­bi­nati­on of plas­ter and wood clad­ding, which will give an attracti­ve appea­ran­ce to the buil­ding. The­re are 4 clas­sro­oms in the extensi­on con­sis­ting of 14-modu­les – two clas­sro­oms on the ground flo­or and two more on the first flo­or. The clas­sro­oms are equip­ped with washba­sins and suspen­ded cei­lings; the walls are cove­red in non-woven wall­pa­per with paint. The deli­ve­ry inclu­ded a galle­ry, an exter­nal side-bracket, double stai­r­ca­ses, and safe­ty win­dows inclu­ding elect­ric shutters.

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