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Inspiring generation Y” festival

Prague experienced a unique inspirational festival named O2 Ynspirology CON, where KOMA Modular was one of the partners. During the whole day, the most interesting YouTubers, artists, musicians, athletes and personalities of the Czech-Slovak on-line world could make presentations in the CITY modules. The festival featured more than 30 of the most inspiring personalities who daily mainly address generation “Y” with their activities. Our newest KOMA product was also presented at the festival – the Lighthouse consisting of CITY modules, which served as a centre for all Ynspirators. The workshops were subsequently held in the KOMA CITY modules. The entire event was in the spirit of containers, and we can confirm that it was an honour for us to link our unique CITY modules to this unique event.
Classification:Special modules / City modules
Year of implementation:2016
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 week
Length of manufacture: 1 week
Number of modules: 16
Product series: CityModul
Sales model:Lease
Pra­gue expe­ri­en­ced a unique inspi­rati­o­nal fes­ti­val named O2 Ynspi­ro­lo­gy CON, whe­re KOMA Modu­lar was one of the part­ners. During the who­le day, the most inte­res­ting You­Tu­bers, artists, musi­ci­ans, athle­tes and per­so­na­li­ties of the Czech-Slo­vak on-line world could make pre­sen­tati­ons in the CITY modu­les. The fes­ti­val fea­tu­red more than 30 of the most inspi­ring per­so­na­li­ties who dai­ly main­ly add­ress gene­rati­on Y” with the­ir acti­vi­ties. Our newest KOMA pro­duct was also pre­sen­ted at the fes­ti­val – the Ligh­thou­se con­sis­ting of CITY modu­les, which ser­ved as a cen­t­re for all Ynspi­ra­tors. The workshops were sub­sequent­ly held in the KOMA CITY modu­les. The enti­re event was in the spi­rit of con­ta­i­ners, and we can con­firm that it was an honour for us to link our unique CITY modu­les to this unique event. 
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