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Rooftop Offices for Barum Continental

The entire implementation was ready within eight months of ordering.

Classification:Administrative Buildings / Offices
Year of implementation:2019
Klient:Barum Continental
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 months
Length of manufacture: 4 weeks
Number of modules: 24
Area: 750
Sales model:Sale
Subject of realisation:Doors, windows
Note:Celá realizace byla uskutečněna za 8 měsíců od objednávky.

Our com­pa­ny deli­ve­red new offi­ce rooms for Barum Con­ti­nen­tal, which are situa­ted on the roof of the exis­ting buil­ding. Althou­gh we have sup­plied simi­lar extensi­ons, main­ly abroad and on hospi­tal pre­mi­ses, this extensi­on is unique and it is the first in the Czech Repub­lic. It offers such possi­bi­li­ties of expan­si­on even in cases whe­re the­re would appear to be no chan­ce for enlar­ge­ment due to lack of free spa­ce. IT SCEE Ser­vi­ce Cen­ter Eas­tern Euro­pe experts will pro­vi­de the­ir IT ser­vi­ces to all Con­ti­nen­tal pro­ducti­on ope­rati­ons in more than 15 coun­tries around the world from the new space.

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