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School in Geneva

Modular school consisting 6 classrooms is temporary shortage of lacations.

Classification:School Realisations / Elementary schools
Year of implementation:2010
Country of implementation:Switzerland
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 weeks
Length of manufacture: 2 weeks
Number of modules: 26
Area: 624 m2
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

In Gene­va, Swi­t­zer­land, we nee­ded to find a sim­ple way to sol­ve the tem­po­ra­ry shor­tage of locati­ons for scho­ols. For this pur­po­se, respon­si­ble employe­es selec­ted a sim­ple con­structi­on from resi­den­tial and sani­ta­ry con­ta­i­ners. It is anti­ci­pa­ted that as soon as the tem­po­ra­ry shor­tage of spa­ces is over, the buil­ding will be pic­ked up and relo­ca­ted to whe­re the shor­tage of locati­ons for small pupils will last, or it will be sold as a who­le or in indi­vi­du­al modu­les to other inte­res­ted par­ties. Sol­ving shor­tages of spa­ce with the help of con­structi­ons from resi­den­tial and sani­ta­ry con­ta­i­ners is enti­re­ly rou­ti­ne in coun­tries to the west of our bor­ders. The con­structi­on is hea­ted in an abo­ve-stan­dard man­ner, and its ope­rati­on will not cre­a­te lar­ge demands for hea­ting. If an inves­tor requi­res a per­ma­nent solu­ti­on to a lack of spa­ce, then the inves­tor usu­ally selects a method of deve­lo­p­ment from spa­tial modu­les, whe­re room is ope­ned up for inte­res­ting archi­tectu­ral solu­ti­ons in com­bi­nati­on with the spe­ed of deve­lo­p­ment and a favou­ra­ble pri­ce. These con­structi­ons are no lon­ger built from resi­den­tial and sani­ta­ry con­ta­i­ners, but are pro­po­sed and built using a sys­tem of modu­lar deve­lo­p­ment with ele­ments of modu­lar architecture.

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