What are the maxi­mum dimensi­ons of the modules?

The indi­vi­du­al modu­les are made in maxi­mum ground size of 9,000 by 3,600 mm and 3,000 mm clea­ran­ce. If a modu­le with clea­ran­ce abo­ve 3,000 mm is requi­red we sup­ply the modu­le in parts to be assem­bled on site, this is the flat pack“ sys­tem. The Com­fort­Li­ne series in addi­ti­on allows for the span of 9,000 mm without the neces­si­ty of inser­ti­on of a sup­port pillar. Thus the wid­th of 9,000 mm is pillar­less. This is not possi­ble in the case of the Stan­dar­d­Li­ne series.