Stan­dar­d­Li­ne - C

The Stan­dard Line series is our best-sel­ling spa­ce modu­le. This is main­ly due to the excellent quality/price ratio. They can be used for many pur­po­ses, e.g. pre­scho­ol cen­t­res, restau­rants, auxi­li­a­ry rooms for per­son­nel, etc. Among others, this pro­duct line excels in pro­lon­ged life/usability, envi­ron­men­tal fri­en­d­li­ness and finan­cial profitability.

Residential and Sanitary Containers

Resi­den­tial con­ta­i­ners fea­tu­re a sup­por­ting fra­mework made of gal­va­ni­zed metal she­et and have an exten­ded ser­vi­ce life with no addi­ti­o­nal pain­twork requi­red. Resi­den­tial con­ta­i­ners, or if you pre­fer, modu­lar homes, repre­sent a new alter­na­ti­ve in the buil­ding indust­ry. An alter­na­ti­ve that is eco­no­mi­cal, affor­da­ble as well as eco-fri­en­dly. If you need to build for exam­ple a lod­ging hou­se, restau­rant , pre­scho­ol or por­table cabins for wor­kers within a short time fra­me (seve­ral weeks), then a resi­den­tial con­ta­i­ner offers an ide­al solution.