Technical Assistance

Disposition design

Our spe­ci­a­lists shall design a dis­po­si­ti­on solu­ti­on for you accor­ding to your pro­ject. The dis­po­si­ti­on solu­ti­on ful­fils both the requi­re­ments for spa­ce and also respects the spe­ci­fics of usage of spa­tial modu­les. An inte­gral part of tech­ni­cal assistan­ce is also con­sul­tati­on on recom­men­dati­ons for further pro­cedu­res in case of rea­li­sati­on of the modu­lar object depen­ding on the pur­po­se of use.

Technical consultations

Our spe­ci­a­lists shall recom­mend to you the types of modu­les that will best suit your requi­red modu­lar object. Our com­pa­ny has pro­ducti­on series from eco­no­mic, throu­gh stan­dard to com­fort series. An inte­gral part of the tech­ni­cal assistan­ce is also con­sul­tati­on in terms of fire, tech­ni­cal ther­mal, sta­tis­ti­cal and other standards.



Warranty and post-warranty service

Our com­pa­ny has seve­ral ser­vi­ce teams that are equip­ped with the tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment essen­tial for them to be able to respond within the shor­test possi­ble time to your ser­vi­ce requests both in the warran­ty and post-warran­ty period. 


If in futu­re you will need to chan­ge the lay­out of a modu­lar object or chan­ge the locati­on of win­dows, doors and the like, our com­pa­ny is rea­dy to meet your requi­re­ments. If this con­cerns the modi­fi­cati­on of an exis­ting object, we car­ry this out on site accor­ding to a pre-appro­ved sco­pe of works, bud­get and dead­li­ne. We also per­form the indi­vi­du­al refur­bis­hment of con­ta­i­ners made by us on our pro­ducti­on line. The refur­bis­hment dead­li­ne is affec­ted by the pro­ducti­on rate and planning.