City Modul

  • Nove Mesto na Morave 15 min
  • Nove Mesto na Morave 18 min
  • Cm-db2015-04
  • Cm_osp-04

City modu­les are unique, espe­ci­ally thanks to the­ir unique paten­ted sha­pe. They are not sim­ply squa­re, but prisma­tic in tra­pe­zo­i­dal sha­pe. This unty­pi­cal sha­pe of the CITY modu­les offers to cre­a­te archi­tectu­rally and artis­ti­cally attracti­ve modu­lar sets. The KOMA City modu­les repre­sent an evolution/revolution in modu­lar archi­tectu­re. A sim­ple chan­ge of the basic geo­me­t­ry, sym­me­t­ri­cal bevel­ling of both shor­ter sides of the modu­le, makes a com­ple­te­ly new and dif­fe­rent pro­duct. Thanks to this small but clear­ly visi­ble trans­for­mati­on the KOMA City modu­le, unli­ke its direct com­pe­ti­tors, is not per­ce­i­ved as a con­ta­i­ner but as a design city deve­lo­p­ment in the sco­pe of small tem­po­ra­ry archi­tectu­res.