Finan­cial services


To obta­in any infor­mati­on about the sale, ple­a­se con­tact our dea­lers. They will make an a spe­cial pri­ce offer, pro­po­sal lay­out design accor­ding to your wishes, or accor­ding to your design. You rece­i­ve the quo­tati­on offer within 3 days, com­plex objects within 7 days.


The popu­lar form of sale is nego­ti­a­ted rebu­y­ing (inclu­ding the anti­ci­pa­ted pri­ce, matu­ri­ty, etc.), and this is when the sele is alrea­dy pro­ce­e­ding. Rebu­y­ing is usu­ally rea­li­zed on the sale of stan­dard types.


As the first com­pa­ny in the Czech Repub­lic, we pro­vi­de a com­ple­te lease:

  • ren­tal of con­ta­i­ners - (resi­den­tial, sani­ta­ry, toi­let - boxes)
  • rent the enti­re group of con­ta­i­ners / objects (inclu­ding assem­bly, demoun­ting and transport)

Installment plan

After indi­vi­du­al assess­ment and pre­sen­tati­on pro­vi­ding docu­ments can be install­ment plan agreed.

Size of repa­y­ments and the repa­y­ment peri­od is indi­vi­du­al accor­ding to buyer cre­di­tworthi­ness of the company.